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Due Diligence

Based in London, our expert team has the skills and industry knowledge to work with businesses throughout the UK and Europe, providing our clients with the best service every time.
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We know that your goal when looking to buy a business is to make the right acquisition at the right time, which is why the due diligence process is critical in ensuring you make the right decision. We use our objective, rigorous due diligence methodology and bottom-up approach to analyse and validate various strategic, financial, and operational aspects of the deal to help you develop and negotiate a favourable outcome.

Our well-crafted, fully informed reports provide buyers and financial stakeholders with a complete understanding of the target business, as well as all the relevant factors involved with the acquisition. These reports also reveal any potential risks and opportunities, helping CEOs, boards of directors, lenders, and other stakeholders make the best-informed decision on how to proceed.

As part of our due diligence service, we can help you: 

  • Assess the target business’ cash flow and earnings.
  • Assess their market positioning.
  • Analyse the quality of their assets and liabilities.
  • Analyse their financial projection.
  • Assess their capabilities.
  • Identify any weaknesses in systems or personnel.
  • Evaluate the quality of capital and working trends.
  • Review the purchase agreement.
  • Present to boards and lenders.

No matter the scale of your needs, our expert corporate advisors will provide you with a professional service and strategic solution that helps you make the right acquisition at the right time.

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