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Creating Long-Term Shareholder Value

Oxpera is dedicated to designing and implementing effective M&A strategies for businesses in the Aerospace & Defence Sector.

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Highly Qualified Team of Experts. Committed to Your Success.
Our diverse team of experienced professionals have a long-established track record in delivering innovative, high-quality solutions for our clients. Every strategy is carefully tailored to suit the unique needs of your business and to help you secure your long-term financial growth.

Committed to Your Success

Oxpera is a boutique corporate finance advisory firm with proven competence in the development, implementation, and execution of robust merger and acquisition strategies. Based in London, we specialise in working with businesses in the aerospace and defence sector throughout the UK and Europe, taking the unique needs of each company into account to help them get the most out of their transactions.

At Oxpera, we know that, in continually evolving markets, proper planning and preparation is crucial in avoiding any missed opportunities. We also know that choosing the right advisor is essential in helping you make the right moves quickly and with confidence, whether you are preparing to buy, sell, or merely evaluating your options. As a result, we aim to offer reliable, highly professional advisory services, each carefully tailored to help your business take advantage of all available opportunities and guide you through any major transactions.

Highly Qualified Team of Experts 

Our understanding of the challenges faced by our clients allows us to create a tailored approach that delivers innovative solutions. In addition to our exceptional industry insight, our team is also highly skilled with unparalleled experience and an extensive track record for successfully completing a wide range of transactions. Each of these elements allows us to help you unlock strategic value for your business and guarantee a successful deal.

Regardless of your unique growth goals or the scale of your needs, the expert team at Oxpera will work closely with you to deliver a bespoke corporate advisory plan that suits your business.

Our Advisory Services

At Oxpera, we focus on working with small and medium-sized businesses that often have no access to world-class advisory services.

We are committed to helping this neglected sector of the market by providing entrepreneurs,
family-owned business and privately owned business with a personalised service that offers the
support they need to grow their business.

Part of our advisory services include:

Corporate Strategy and Development

“Setting Direction”

We are experts in helping our clients develop and implement bespoke corporate growth strategies that find and capitalise on the best M&A opportunities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

“Managing the Journey”

Oxpera specialises in running every step of M&A transactions, working closely with companies to identify strategic acquisition opportunities.


“Setting the Price”

Our advisors can carry out valuations on various types of company assets to help our clients address their most complex and challenging valuation issues.

Due Diligence

“Determining the Fit”

Using our robust methodology, we provide comprehensive buy-side due diligence services to help your company make the right acquisition.

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Why Choose Us?

Oxpera takes great pride in providing responsive, flexible advice. Every member of our team is highly qualified and has extensive experience in successfully completing transactions. We also aim to work closely with you to develop a deep understanding of your objectives to ensure we deliver the right transaction at the best possible value for you.
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